August 2, 2017 in Music

Scott Melker Produces Track Using Sounds Of San Francisco Traffic – Freedom To Go

Carma car sharing invited me to San Francisco, and offered me a unique challenge: to sample the sounds of San Francisco traffic and turn them into something beautiful. I recorded everything from cars honking, trucks running, garbage trucks, cross walk sounds, street musicians and sirens. I took these samples and altered them using different plugins and production methods, to create drums, synths and other musical sounds. I started with the drums – primarily using the sounds of car doors slamming, repitched to create kicks, snares and hats. From there, I took the sounds of a truck engine and put it into a sampler with some effects, creating a synth that could be used to create the backing melody. I was very lucky to record an incredible musician in China Town playing the Erhu, a Chinese string instrument. I used this as my lead. The strings were created from different tones recorded from cars and trucks as well. The full result is on my soundcloud page, and is a piece that I am exceptionally proud of. After the campaign ran and millions of people viewed the video, Carma took it down – so I wanted to share it again. Here is the video, and the full song.

June 29, 2017 in MIXTAPES

Soul House Volume 10

Soul House Volume 10 is live on Check out the track list below, and enjoy! GET IT RIGHT HERE!


Change Clothes – Jay-ZDigital Girl (Remix) – Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake, Kanye West & The-Dream
Love Sex Magic – Ciara Ft. Justin Timberlake
Can We Chill – Ne-Yo
Frankie Valli vs. Beastie Boys – DJ AMMO
Rock Your Body (Paul Oakenfold Mix) – Justin Timberlake
Let Love Rule (Justice RMX) – Lenny Kravitz
Natural Blues (Vitrico Edit) – Moby
Praise You – Fatboy Slim
Trick Me – Kelis
Remember Me – Blue Boy
Starry Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfold
Butterfly (Jason Bee Intro) – Crazy Town
Your Woman – White Town
Juicy (Kevin Scott RMX) – Better Than Ezra vs. Biggie
Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
Dangerous (REMIX) – Busta Rhymes
Ching-A-Ling – Missy Eliott
Salt Shaker – Ying Yang Twins
Badd – Ying Yang Twins Ft. Mike Jones & Mr Collipark
Wait (The Whisper Song) – Ying Yang Twins
My Neck My Back – Khia
Fire It Up – Busta Rhymes
Freek A Leek – Petey Pablo
Super Hyphy – Keak Da Sneak
Burn Rubber – Too Short
Blow The Whistle – Too Short
Blow The Whistle (The Melker Project’s Mario Brothers Remix) – Too Short Vs. Nintendo



April 18, 2017 in STUFF I LIKE

White, White Baby

This video is my entire childhood. Go white boy, go white boy, go.

April 18, 2017 in MIXTAPES

Soul House Volume 9


Scott Melker is back with the 9th installment of his live mix series, Soul House. As you’ve come to expect, Melker moves quickly between songs, busting through classics at the speed of sound. From Biggie to Janet, this mix has it all.

April 18, 2017 in VIDEOS

Ballin’ Oates 2?

I just went live on Facebook, previewing what could potentially, maybe, in some world become Ballin’ Oates 2. First song? Private eyes (clap), they’re watching you (clap, clap).

February 17, 2017 in MIXTAPES, Music

Soul House Volume 8 – Scott Melker Live

Soul House Volume 8 is live now on If you haven’t been listening to the series, this episode is a great introduction… and you can go back and find the rest of them RIGHT HERE. Enjoy!

December 12, 2016 in EVENT, Music, VIDEOS

The Melker Project – Live @ The Microsoft Bing Block Party

A few months ago, I recorded a live 120 minute mix of my set at the Microsoft Bing Block Party in Atlanta. I don’t perform “The Melker Project” material very often anymore, so this was a great opportunity to be extremely creative, and to fit as many tracks into two hours as humanly possible.  It was exhausting! The mix is available for FREE on BrooklynRadio. Listen below, check out the teaser video, and please SHARE it with the world if you like it!

April 11, 2016 in VIDEOS

The Road To Ultra, Episode 1 – Scavicii

As you must know by now, my goal for 2017 is to be the headlining act at the single greatest event in the world, Ultra. To do this will require hard word and dedication, making connections with awesome producers who can sell me their tracks to put my name on, and finding an amazing new EDM moniker. Join me for the journey on snapchat – scott.melker.

February 22, 2016 in STUFF I LIKE

Snapchat – scott.melker


I’m on Snapchat. If you are also on Snapchat, than let’s become friends and do Snapchat things together.

February 16, 2016 in Music



I am excited to release my newest project, “Freedom To Go.” I spent 48 hours in the streets of San Francisco, sampling the harsh and annoying sounds of traffic. My task, given to me by Carma (a company pioneering car sharing and carpooling technology), was to take these sounds and turn them into something beautiful. Using the samples and live recordings of street musicians, I created drums, synths and strings and put them together into a song that I am extremely proud of. To listen to the entire track, please visit the link at the end of the video or listen below on soundcloud.


Scott Melker – Freedom to Go – Turning Traffic into MusicSometimes, all it takes is a different point of view. The Melker Project hit the streets of the Bay Area to see if he could turn the awful sounds of traffic and congestion into something much, much better. The result? Something amazing:

Posted by Carma on Wednesday, February 10, 2016