February 16, 2016 in Music



I am excited to release my newest project, “Freedom To Go.” I spent 48 hours in the streets of San Francisco, sampling the harsh and annoying sounds of traffic. My task, given to me by Carma (a company pioneering car sharing and carpooling technology), was to take these sounds and turn them into something beautiful. Using the samples and live recordings of street musicians, I created drums, synths and strings and put them together into a song that I am extremely proud of. To listen to the entire track, please visit the link at the end of the video or listen below on soundcloud.


Scott Melker – Freedom to Go – Turning Traffic into MusicSometimes, all it takes is a different point of view. The Melker Project hit the streets of the Bay Area to see if he could turn the awful sounds of traffic and congestion into something much, much better. The result? Something amazing:

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