March 19, 2014 in NEWS

When Lady Gaga Walks Into Your Release Party (Red Hot Trilli Peppers)

Lady Gaga Uproxx Melker Project Release Red Hot Trilli PeppersPicture this… you are on stage performing (and celebrating the release of your new project). The crowd is feeling your set, you are throwing t-shirts into the audience, jumping around like a crazy person and having the time of your life. Than there is a slight disturbance in the force. You look off to the left towards the VIP section and see large men – VERY large men. They are escorting what appears to be a blonde dreaded headed zombie in sunglasses. Than you realize – it’s Lady Gaga, and she looks awful. Like she could die at any moment. That happened, and is described far more eloquently by Josh at Uproxx. Check the article he wrote about it right HERE… It was an insane night that I will never forget – other highlights include Diddy dancing on a table, Wiz Khalifa jumping up for a guest set with Snoop Dogg, and the founder of Uproxx introducing me to Talib Kweli, telling him that I will be the “next Coachella” headliner. From your lips to the festival’s god’s ears, buddy.

Bonus video from my instagram:

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