March 12, 2014 in MIXTAPES, REMIXES

Red Hot Trilli Peppers – Premiere On Uproxx

Red Hot Trilli Peppers

“Masterfully remixed and blended… A Billboard-worthy offering…” — Uproxx

“Melker once again demonstrates his innate ability to seamlessly merge the “new” with the “old”.” — EarMilk

Riding high on the critical and internet success from November’s Ballin’ Oates, The Melker Project is at it again with Red Hot Trilli Peppers. “On this epic offering, The Melker Project mixes six Red Hot Chili Peppers classics with the likes of Future, 2 Chainz, Dr. Dre, Tupac and everyone in between.” (BroBible).

His 5th EP focusing on a single classic artist, Red Hot Trilli Peppers was a formidable project. “I’ve been listening to the Chili Peppers since I was in middle school, and have always wanted to remix their songs – they’re the sh#t! The breadth of their catalogue is astounding, so it was tough to choose the perfect tracks.” Melker says.

The Melker Project’s methods are truly a labor of love, as he replays most of the individual instruments with updated sounds and synths. He then uses these new sounds to remix the tracks, and later reincorporates samples from the original Chili Peppers songs. After all of this is done, he combines his new versions with appropriate vocals. Melker explains, ”In the case of ‘Breaking The Girl,’ I decided to do a straight up remix with the vocal being the only element of the original track.”

Besides having the Red Hot Trilli Peppers EP available for streaming, fans can download the entire project for free on The Melker Project’s facebook page. The t-shirt is also available  – and it’s awesome. Buy one RIGHT HERE, and help support The Melker Project!

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