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Trina Ft. Killa Mike – Look Back At Me (MBS Remix). MBS IS MY NEW PROJECT!


New project alert!!!! MBS is a collaboration between Skinny Friedman and Scott Melker, two veteran east coast club DJ’s who cut their teeth in the vaunted post-millenial scene in Philadelphia. Their production takes the sound of the timeless, percussive bangers that ruled the clubs a decade ago at around 93 bpm, and updates it for the EDM era. Their inspiration is early Neptunes, Swizz Beats, Mannie Fresh, Beats By The Pound and, of course, Lil Jon.

The first MBS release is a remix of Trina and Kiler Mike’s nasty “Look Back At Me”. Trina’s 2008 single flew somewhat under the radar but has aged well and remains a hidden gem for both Scott and Skinny. The remix reassembles the original drums over synth stabs and 808’s. It also preserves Trina’s awesome claim that her ass is “big like the sun”.

This remix is the tip of the iceberg for the duo. With a growing stockpile of tracks, MBS aims to release a collection of tracks with rappers and stand-alone songs by the end of 2014.

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