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Trill Collins - The Melker Project

Trill Collins is my 4th EP focusing on a single classic artist. I’ve been obsessed with Phil Collins since I was a “Young Melker,” and have always wanted to tackle his catalogue. The task was daunting, as a number of Phil’s songs are basically rock/pop perfection, particularly “In The Air Tonight.”

For each song, I started by replaying all of the individual instruments with updated sounds and synths. I used these new sounds to remix the tracks, and later reincorporated samples from the original Phil Collins songs. After all of this was done, I mashed up my new versions with appropriate vocals. In the case of “Invisible Touch” I decided to do a straight up remix with the vocal being the only element of the original track.

I hope that I have done justice to one of my musical idols and still stayed true to my fans. The entire project is available exclusively at A.V. CLUB.¬†Only one song is available, at present, for download… we will be making one available each week! Get it while it’s hot!

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