July 2, 2013 in NEWS, REMIXES



I have been working with Legitmix, a groundbreaking new platform that allows DJs and Remixers to sell derivative and sampled content legally, without clearance from the copyright holders. As a part of my efforts, I decided to start a boutique label/store called FunKontrol. To celebrate the release, we put together a compilation of exclusive tracks from a number of our artists including DJ Enferno, Terry Urban, Hohme, DJ Scene, DJ Serafin, eSenTRIK, DJ Starski, Solidisco, DJ Prime, DJ Yonny and yours truly. I am obviously very excited about FunKontrol, as I really believe it is a game changer for artists like myself, who constantly deal with takedowns, cease and desist notices etc. Legitmix has allowed us to separate our intellectual property and art from that of the copyright holder, while assuring they still get paid for each and every purchase. It is a true win/win. Listen to my track HERE

Listen to the whole compilation HERE

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