September 28, 2012 in NEWS

The top 25 mashups of all time – The Melker Project makes the list!

Pigeons & Planes is one of the most prolific music blogs on the interwebs. I read it religiously, and nearly choked when I came across my track “Message In A Bottle Vs. Mercy” on their recently penned list of the Top 25 mashups EVER.

From Pigeons & Planes

Mash-ups get no respect. Part of the problem is that with the easy-to-use technology these days, anyone can make them—and they do. It has led to a saturation of the Internet with half-assed mashes will little thought and even less listenability. But as music evolves, a big part of the story is becoming not just the creation of entirely new sounds, but the reimagination of existing ones.

Mash-ups put familiar tracks into an entirely new context, and when they’re done right, they can be a perspective-changing headfuck. Snobs can turn up their noses all they want and dismiss mash-ups as cheap novelties for the ADHD-riddled generation with no filter and no respect, but we’re fairly certain that they go home, close the blinds, and throw a solo dance party to Biggie vs. Miley Cyrus. Don’t be ashamed. Here are The 25 Best Mash-Ups.

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