September 11, 2013 in STUFF I LIKE

The New Legitmix Widget

I love Legitmix. Now they have an incredible new widget. In their words…

Introducing the all new Legitmix widget

We have rolled-out a new widget that allows you to share previews for:

Entire remixer catalogs
Top tracks in a genre
The widget is completely re-sizable and features:

Dynamic paging. When sharing large lists of tracks, the widget will dynamically load new tracks as you scroll. Check out the Hood Internet’s catalog widget to see this in action.

Mini mode. When sharing a remix, you can embed a small version of the widget that doesn’t show the sources for the remix. Here is an example of a standard widget and its mini version.

Lights Off. If you are embedding the widget on a page with a darker theme, you can use our “lights off” mode.

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