November 29, 2012 in EVENT


2009. The year of the Ox. The USA saw the swearing in of a black president, the shocking demise of a superstar golfer, the miraculous landing of a plane in the frigid Hudson River, and the birth of The Melker Project. After a 3 year hiatus, The Melker Project 2 is slated for release on 12/11/12, Barack Obama has been reelected, and Tiger Woods doesn’t suck nearly as bad at golf anymore. Coincidence? I think not. And not only will the mix be released, but we are having a party to celebrate (the flyer above is temporary, look for the real one next week). I am psyched to be playing alongside mashup brethren Hood Internet – this should be an incredible night! More information to come next week, but the show is selling out fast… so GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

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