June 28, 2012 in NEWS

Somebody That I Used To Know Vs. Dead Wrong BITES THE DUST

After over 100K listens, my most popular remix was removed from soundcloud for copyright infringement. I will spend some time formulating my thoughts on this more thoroughly in the near future, and relaying my plans to avoid this sort of thing in the future. But for now, please listen to my new tracks here:


Side note, this was my last warning, so please send me your email address if you would like to continue receiving my music!

The pleasant letter that I just received from soundcloud –

Hi there, scottmelker,

This is Weather from SoundCloud. I’m getting in touch regarding some sounds in your SoundCloud account.

We’ve received a report that the following sounds contain material that infringes somebody else’s copyright:


If you don’t own all the relevant rights in these sounds, or don’t have permission from the rights holder to upload, publish and distribute these sounds, then we can’t host these sounds on SoundCloud.

Please remember that repeated infringement of other people’s copyright will result in your account being suspended or deleted. This notice constitutes a warning, and will be registered against your account unless you are able to prove that the notice was sent to us in error.

If you believe that there has been some mistake – in particular, if you do have the necessary rights, or if you think the copyright material has been identified incorrectly – please get back to us via the link below:


If you do respond via this link, it would be great if you could provide us with any documents in your possession that might help to demonstrate your right to upload and share these sounds. The sounds have been hidden in the meantime, and if we don’t hear from you within the next two working days, we will delete the sound(s) permanently.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information, and please take a few moments to remind yourself of our Terms of Use, Community Guidelines and our copyright information pages:


Best regards,

Your SoundCloud Team

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