June 26, 2013 in STUFF I LIKE

Since we’ve been talking about Drake…

1 New FriendSince we’ve been talking about Drake (I have, at least), I thought I would share this photo. I have no issue with the Degrassi Kingpin… his music is fine, he seems like a decent guy. However, I always feel it necessary to call out discrepancies that I see in the music world. For example, when I saw Rick Ross sitting coach on a JetBlue flight, I felt compelled to point out the bipolarity of his reality (that day, at least) and his lyrics (he also was picked up in a beat up Chrysler, but that’s neither here nor there). So Drake – if you really want “no new friends,” then maybe you should only be photographed with your parents and childhood buddies. And maybe you should stop doing songs with new artists – they count as new friends too, right? I mean, damn, how did you even make a career in music without making any new friends along the way? I guess you were lucky to have grown up next door to DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Lebron James and others.  I didn’t even know they were Canadian! Ay hoser!?

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