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Rick Ross’s Jewish Doppleganger

375076_456638794419411_900789128_nI was in the airport today, en route to Ft. Lauderdale, when I stumbled across this gem of a human being. Of course, I was compelled to tell this walking enigma that I liked his shirt. His response? “I’m a fan because we have the same beard.” He then sat two rows in front of me on the flight, rocking out to Rozay in his Sony headphones. Awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 6.35.23 PM

If you know me, you probably know about my Rick Ross story, which makes this experience even more remarkable. I sat on the exact same flight a few months ago, and Rick Ross actually sat a couple rows in front of me… in coach. So much for that private jet lifestyle he’s always preaching. It’s a twitter conversation worth digging up… I dubbed him Ricky “Exit” Rozay, which he did not take very kindly to.

Oh, and here’s a picture of me as Rozay as well. The circle of life…

The Melker Project 2

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