October 20, 2014 in NEWS

No Musician’s Album Has Gone Platinum in 2014

Top-Three-AlbumsI wish I could say that I am surprised by this, but music fans are clearly shying away from purchasing music in favor of streaming and illegal downloads. ¬†Couple that with the fact that most people buy singles instead of full albums and you have the perfect storm. What’s the last album you actually bought? Could you listen to it all of the way through without skipping half of the crappy tracks? Doubt it. Read the whole article on FORBES HERE.

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Donnezmoilemusique October 20, 2014 at 8:25 pm

The last album I bought was “Beyonc√©”. I did listen to ALL of the tracks. I skip around sometimes if there’s a song that I have to hear at a certain moment.

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The Melker Project October 20, 2014 at 8:27 pm

I was shocked that her album did not go Platinum….

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Breaking The Loop October 29, 2014 at 6:57 am

I think a lot of artists/record companies release albums with a few dope tracks, and based on having maybe those 3 killer singles, they expect people to go and buy an album with 12 tracks that are essentially filler. They have been getting away with it for some time, but now they are kind of getting called on it, with the increased possibility for listeners to stream whole albums and only buying the tracks they actually like. Then again, when people don’t buy the albums, why should they bother creating great albums, when they are perhaps doing just fine with releasing some videos and jacking up the ticket prices for their shows.

I do believe there are still great records being made, take for instance last years Run The Jewels and Janelle Monae – Electric Lady, but to me it sounds like these are made with artistic and creative integrity, and for the sake of making a great album, not just something to accompany the singles. Then again, these were released last year, and I think 2014 has kind of been a slow year.

Like One Be Lo once said: “Everything that glitters ain’t gold/And every gold record don’t glitter that’s for damn sure”. A record going platinum is not a sign of quality in itself, and a lot of platinum albums do in fact suck, while a lot of the best albums never even go gold.

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