October 12, 2013 in NEWS

Juicy Royals – Available Monday at 12 PM EST

www.themelkerproject.comThis Monday, 10/14/13, I will be releasing a new remix and mashup called “Juicy Royals” on Surviving The Golden Age, and incredible blog that has supported my work for years.

My intention was to compose a remix of Royals, by Lorde.  I chopped and screwed her vocals to make her sound more manly, and built an entirely new beat around the newly pitched track. Although I was happy with the new sound, I felt it was missing something – so I added Biggie! The two songs work well together musically, but also compliment each other thematically – Royals being about the stupidity of hip hop opulence, and Juicy being the original “Started From The Bottom” (Drake sucks) story. The result is a completely original remix AND mashup.

Look for “Juicy Royals,” this Monday!


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