October 11, 2012 in Free Music Thursday, REMIXES

Calvin Harris, Ne-Yo, Adele, Trillville, Drake and more! Free Music!

The new Adele song (and James Bond theme) was begging to be mashed up. As usual, I took something completely unrelated and threw it on top – Trillville’s crunk anthem “Neva Eva.” In addition, I used the drums from the Drake track “Successful,” as well as the vocals and part of the instrumental from the Kanye West & Jay-Z track “H.A.M.” You will notice some orchestral singing behind Adele during her verse, which comes from the Kanye and Hova song… Enjoy! Listen and download below!

I’m not really feeling the original version of “Let’s Go,” but thought that the vocals might do well as an R&B slow jam.  I think I was right – but you can be the judge! For the instrumental, I used the Bobby Creekwater track “You And What Army.” Listen and download below!

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