April 23, 2015 in NEWS

Beats For Breakfast By Scott Melker


Every week I will be writing an article for the wonderful people at MovesMagazine.com. This week, I chose to write about the 5 songs that I listened to this morning. You can read the entire article RIGHT HERE. Here is a little taste to whet your appetite…

As a music producer and DJ, I spend a majority of my waking hours listening to, creating and mixing music. The first thing that I do each day is cue up a few of my favorites, alongside songs that I have been meaning to listen to. This is how I spend the first hour or so of my morning, assuming I am not changing diapers and dealing with a screaming baby.

Here are 5 songs that I listened to this morning.

Daktyl & Howie Lee – Marlena


This is definitely one of my favorite songs at the moment. It’s incredibly unique, with slightly off beat drums and a heavy future bass line that blows my mind every time I listen. This one is guaranteed to set my day off right…


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