October 4, 2012 in Free Music Thursday, POPPED AND SCREWED, REMIXES

Anything Could Happen Vs. Twerk (The Melker Project Popped And Screwed Remix) – Ellie Goulding Vs. Juicy J

Ellie Goulding is amazing. Her voice seems to work on basically everything, from pumping house beats to incredible covers and poppy originals. I have remixed her before and am sure that I will do it again in the very near future. All of that said, “Anything Could Happen” finds itself in the background of this Popped and Screwed track, featuring Juicy J, who has seen a bit of a renaissance behind his newest track “Bands A Make Her Dance.” This remix features his not-so-classic-but-still-somewhat-amazing song “Twerk.” As this is a “Popped And Screwed” remix, Ellie’s voice has been dramatically altered… I also sampled the beat from Ludacris’s new track “Jingalin'” to add a little boom.


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