October 21, 2013 in NEWS

30 Seconds to Mars includes The Melker Project on their iheartradio playlist

30-Seconds-To-Mars-Jared-LetoMan, I use to love “My So Called Life.” Clare Danes was so mysterious. Ok, I actually never watched it, but it seemed like something I should have liked. I did think Jared Leto was awesome in Requiem For A Dream and American Psycho. And now, apparently, he thinks I am awesome too. In his personally curated (according to a contact at iheartradio) guest DJ playlist, he chose to include one of my tracks from SKEETWOOD MAC – “Feelin’ The Landslide.” So yeah, that’s pretty cool…. Check out the entire 30 Seconds To Mars Guest DJ Station RIGHT HEREhttp://www.iheart.com/original/Guest-DJ-30-Seconds-to-Mars/

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