July 18, 2012 in STUFF I LIKE

3 Rappers, One Interview, Zero Complete Sentences

I came across this video on hypebeast this morning. Since I, like everyone else, am a fan of “Mercy,” I figured I would take a few moments out of my day to watch the interview with the 3 non-Kardashian-dating rappers featured on the song. Boy am I glad I did.

What is truly amazing is that, clearly, the interviewer spent a ton of time sitting with Pusha T, 2 Chainz and Big Sean. In fact, she traveled from Chicago to New York with them. In all of that time, she literally could not secure a single coherent sound byte from any of them, making for a wildly disjointed and uninformative piece. They did smoke a lot of weed, which was entertaining I suppose, but the utter level of near-retardation displayed in this video is remarkable. Enjoy.

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